Here’s a little bit about RM Independent Business Directory and founder Robb Mookhoek.
Robb was working as a Stage Manager in the theatre and events industry until the awful pandemic COVID-19 came along and shut down almost every industry. Resulting in many thousands of lost jobs overnight, Robb included.
During the lockdown Robb retrained and started working within the Funeral Care industry,  Robb witnessed many of his friends & past colleagues start to form small independent business using their extremely talented skills to create products and services. 
After seeing the amazing work of talented 'thespians' Robb decided to set up RM Independent Business Directory to help showcase and promote the amazing work us theatre people do and of other independent businesses.
Robb would be delighted to showcase and promote the work of individuals from the theatre background and beyond via SupportInd.co.uk and our social media platforms.
If you'd like to be included in the directory or would like to suggest a independent business please get in contact. 
Best Wishes,
Robb at RM Directory of Small Independent Businesses.
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